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Lone Star Labrador Retriever Rescue (Lone Star Lab Rescue) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all volunteer organization, dedicated to saving purebred Labrador Retrievers from euthanasia in city shelters throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Happy Endings - Adopted Labradors

In 2004, Lone Star Lab Rescue began rescuing and placing Labradors in forever homes. Since then, we have completed hundreds of successful adoptions. Below are pictures of just a few of the Labs we have successfully placed in forever homes.

Gabby Gabby
Sage Sage
Scout Scout
Duchess Duchess
Tessa Tessa
Hero Hero
Delta Delta
Trapper Trapper
Hawkeye Hawkeye
Jack Jack
Casper Casper
Dazee Dazee
Kimber Kimber
Perla Perla
Jewel Jewel
Lilly Lilly
Ruby Ruby
Lexi Lexi
Trace Trace
Honey Honey
Baxter Baxter
Tasha Tasha - Gone to Law Enforcement
Dobby Dobby
Mabel Mabel
Dutch Dutch
Bailey Bailey
Sunny & Luna Sunny & Luna
Reba Reba
Toffee Toffee
Savvi Savvi
Vandy Vandy
Tallulah Tallulah
Baron Baron
Hemi Hemi
Sanda Sanda
Crosby Crosby
Honey Honey
Delilah Delilah
Robbie Robbie
Bogo Bogo
Cookie Cookie
Beau Beau
Dunkin Dunkin
Diamond Diamond
Sandy Sandy
Phoenix Phoenix
Argos Argos
Salty Salty
Wonka Wonka
Molly Sue Molly Sue
Mazey Mazey
Aubrey Aubrey
Knute Knute
Kane Kane
Sid Sid
Red Red
Humpty Humpty
Ryder Ryder
Finley Finley
Finian Finian
Tuttle Tuttle
Shandy Shandy
Steele Steele
Layla Layla
Punkin Punkin
Wilson Wilson
Asha Asha
McGuyver McGuyver
Praline Praline
Della Della
Poppet Poppet
Brenna Brenna
Nutella Nutella (Nute)
Jack Jack
Georgia Georgia
Zeus Zeus
Keegan Keegan
Cynder Cynder
Skye Skye
Tully Tully
Mystic Mystic
Waylon Waylon
Willie Willie
Doozer Doozer
Ruffin Ruffin
Goldie Goldie
Bosco Bosco
Hudson Hudson
Brooke Brooke
Pearl Pearl
Annabelle Annabelle
Luke Luke
D'Arcy D'Arcy
Booker Booker
Hunter Hunter
Sarge Sarge
Wink Wink
Juliet Juliet
Connie Connie
Milo Milo
Cadence Cadence
Thor Thor
Jolie Jolie
Hank Hank
Callan Callan
Chloe Chloe
Sterling Sterling
Cannon Cannon
Reno Reno
Tyke Tyke
Baron Baron
Kensy Kensy
Pauli Pauli
Mulligan Mulligan
McLaren McLaren
Clementine Clementine
Lagniappe Lagniappe (Lani)
Linzee Linzee
Renegade Renegade
Storm Storm
PeekaBoo Peek-a-Boo
Toohey Toohey
Jake Jake
Ruger Ruger
Tink Tink
Molly Molly
Laelynn LaeLynn
Duke Duke
Tex Tex
Carson Carson
Stella Stella
Titus Titus
Kingston Kingston
Fergie Fergie
Jax Jax
Gillian Gillian
Dak Dak
Kelsey Kelsey
Piper Piper
Gumbo Gumbo
Ryder Ryder
Paisley Paisley
Atals Atlas
Nugget Nugget
Rocky Rocky
Hoss Hoss
Ty Ty
Praline Praline
Jaycie Jaycie
Macy Macy
Millie Millie
Niblet Niblet
Sawyer Sawyer
Kirby Kirby
Clancy Clancy
Liam Liam
Cammy Cammy
Noah Noah
Pearl Pearl
Lissa Lissa
Mello Mello
Hershey Hershey
Jericho Jericho
Deja Vu Deja Vu
Wizard Wizard
Bella Bella
Travis Travis
Proby Proby
Mojo Mojo
Mardi Mardi
Bialey Bailey
Thoreau Thoreau
Tobias Tobias
Kiah Kiah
Zeus Zeus
River River
Phideaux Phideaux
Sam Sam
Fancy Fancy
Lexie Lexie
Cloe Cloe
Coalie Coalie
Breswki Brewski
Mardi Mardi
Turbo Turbo
Abby Abby
Maddy Maddy
Charlee Charlee
Spring Spring
G'Nelle G'Nelle
Henry Henry
Eli Eli
Hope Hope
TooShay TooShay
Nilla Nilla
Chevy Chevy
Jimbo Jimbo
Ammo Ammo
Cooper Cooper
Gator Gator
Beignet Beignet
Tiatn Titan
Lexi Lexi
Caleb Caleb
Ruckus Ruckus
Koz Koz
Mickey Mickey
Owen Owen
Coach Coach
Luke Luke
Holly Holly
Colt Colt
Jet Jet
Maggie Maggie
ShyAnn ShyAnn
Ziggy Ziggy
Selma Selma
Honey Honey
Trooper Trooper
Ava Ava
Tucker Tucker
Selma Selma
Buddy Buddy
Argyle Argyle
Ebony Ebony
Zina Zina
Smokey Smokey
Pitch Pitch
Isabella Isabella
Ruby Tuesday Ruby Tuesday
Molly Molly
Sampson Sampson