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Lone Star Labrador Retriever Rescue (Lone Star Lab Rescue) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to preventing the needless destruction of purebred Labrador Retrievers in the DFW/Dallas/Fort Worth/North Texas area.

Available Labs for Adoption in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area

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Bogo Bogo Rico Rico Cookie Cookie


Bogo Bogo Bogo Bogo

So we went to pull a dog from a local shelter and apparently, they were having a "Buy One, Get One" sale because we came home with TWO Labs instead of one. Meet BOGO! Look at that face... how could we say no?

Bogo is an adorable little Labbie mix, probably with some German Shepherd. He is about 7 months old. We estimate he was born in early February. He is a little rascal, full of spunk and attitude! Bogo loves to rough house and play chase with the adult Labs in his foster home. He can definitely keep up with the big dogs! Bogo jumped right into the doggie pool in his foster home and loves to splash around. He is thinking about playing fetch, but it is more fun to play chase right now!

Bogo is about 42 pounds now, but is sure to grow up to be a pretty big boy. We think around 60 to 65 pounds or so. Bogo will need a home with a fenced yard for play time and someone who has some dog experience to train him to be a good boy. He is doing really well in his crate in his foster home and sleeps through the night. He walks beautifully on his leash. He still has an occasional accident in the crate when he gets really excited.

Bogo plays a little rough and still has sharp puppy teeth. He would love to play with some older kids, perhaps 10 years and older. He would also benefit from a tolerant adult medium or large breed dog to help teach him the rules. Bogo has too much energy for little bitty dogs or kids.

Bogo is neutered, vaccinated, on heartworm prevention and microchipped.

If you are interested in providing a loving, forever home for Bogo, please complete our Adoption Application.
Our adoption fee is $295.00 (plus tax).
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Rico Rico Rico Rico

Rico is about 1 1/2 years old and 67 pounds. He is healthy, vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. Rico probably has a touch of Husky in his heritage. His tail gives him away!

Rico has really blossomed in his foster home. When he first came to us, he was terrified and would hardly move at all. Now he is happy, very bouncy and silly! Rico is nicely crate and house trained now. He likes his kennel and is a good boy... no barking when kenneled. Rico walks beautifully on the leash. He still needs training to keep his feet on the ground and not jump! Rico is very food motivated, so we use that positive motivation to train him. 

Rico likes to go for walks, run around the back yard and hang out inside. He loves to splash in the doggie pool, too! Rico will fit well in a young, active adult home rather than with children.

Rico is a good boy with most other dogs, but he cannot handle a whole park full of dogs. It is too stressful for him. He does well one on one with other dogs. In his foster home, he wrestles and rough houses with a puppy that bites his ears and legs. He is a lot more tolerant than we expected!

When he is in a new environment, Rico tends to become shy and nervous. It will be important for him to have an owner who will SLOWLY take him out to explore new places and assure him that he is safe. Rico is very loyal to those that love him and take care of him. At first Rico can be aloof and not very affectionate with people that he does not know. With a little time (and trust) he will become your best friend! Rico loves to sleep with his people and will cuddle before going to sleep and before getting out of bed in the morning.

If you are interested in providing a loving, forever home for Rico, please complete our Adoption Application.
Our adoption fee is $295.00 (plus tax).
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