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Lone Star Labrador Retriever Rescue (Lone Star Lab Rescue) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to preventing the needless destruction of purebred Labrador Retrievers in the DFW/Dallas/Fort Worth/North Texas area.

Available Labs for Adoption in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area

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Toohey Toohey Clementine Clementine PeekaBoo PeekaBoo Chloe Chloe


Toohey Toohey Toohey

Meet Toohey... he is a stunning boy, about 2 years old. Look at the blur of his wagging tail! He loves people and is happiest when he is with us. Toohey has completed all of his medical care and is ready to find a new family.

Toohey was really scared and anxious when he first came into Lone Star Lab Rescue. We have been working with him to increase his confidence and show him that people can be trusted. His new family will need to continue helping him with structure, firm rules and consistency. Toohey will need an owner who has had experience with large dogs.

Toohey loves to play ball. He is able to pop a tennis ball in a second, so only tough balls for him! Toohey gets along very well with other dogs and is more of a follower than a leader.

Toohey is very well crate trained and house broken. We are still working on his leash manners and walking nicely. Toohey is very strong, so he will not be a good choice for a home with kids. He will need a home with a good sized, securely fenced yard for playtime. Toohey is not a dog that would work in an apartment or home without a grassy area for running and playing fetch. He is really too interested in the cats in his foster home... no kitties or small furry creatures in his forever family.

If you are interested in providing a loving, forever home for Toohey, please complete our Adoption Application. Our adoption fee is $295.00.
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Clementine Clementine Clementine Clementine

Oh my darling, Clementine!

Clementine, or Clemmy, is a beautiful yellow Lab with a little streak of mischief in her! She is a smart Lab with lots of energy for running and playing. She is also a world class snuggler! Clemmy will need a family with plenty of time to devote to walks or a daily jog, maybe a hike, playing ball in the yard or trips to the dog park.

Clemmy is on the smaller side at about 60 pounds and 2 years old. She is healthy, spayed and on heartworm prevention. Clemmy is still figuring out house breaking. She is picking up the idea of going potty outside.

Her bags are packed & Clementine is all ready to go!

If you are interested in providing a loving, forever home for Clementine, please complete our Adoption Application. Our adoption fee is $295.00.
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PeekaBoo PeekaBoo PeekaBoo

Take a look at the very definition of ADORABLE! This is PeekaBoo, a sweet little 4 1/2 month old girl who is just joining Lone Star Lab Rescue. She will be available for adoption in June, after she has had another set of vaccines. Don't you just want to smush that little face?

PeekaBoo, Boo for short, is a rambunctious little girl. She has certainly not had any training or discipline in her young life, but she is smart and catches on quickly. Lab puppies explore the world the world with their mouth. PeekaBoo is a pretty mouthy & nippy right now, but we will work on that.

Like any young Labrador, Boo needs a family that is willing to give her the time, exercise and training to be a great companion. Labs don't come well behaved naturally, but they do come with plenty of energy and enthusiasm!

Obedience training and crating are essential with young Labs, as well as plenty of exercise.

Boo will do best in a home with another adult, large breed dog to learn from and play with. She loves to rough house and play chase with other dogs, so she needs a home with a fenced yard. Boo is being fostered with 2 adult Labs. They are showing her the ropes and teaching her some doggy etiquette. If there are children in the home, they need to be at least 10 years old.

If you are interested in providing a loving, forever home for PeekaBoo, please complete our Adoption Application. Our adoption fee for puppies is $395.00.
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Chloe Chloe Chloe

Chloe is a lovely Labby girl, about 6 years old. She is very well behaved and calm in the house. We love having her around! She is affectionate and enjoys being with people.

Chloe is an adult, but she still has plenty of pep in her paws! She loves, loves, loves to play fetch and will drop the tennis ball right at your feet for another throw.

Chloe is house broken, healthy, spayed and vaccinated. She is something of a "princess" and does not like to share with other dogs. We are looking for a home where Chloe can be the canine queen of the castle as the only dog!

If you are interested in providing a loving, forever home for Chloe, please complete our Adoption Application. Our adoption fee is $295.00.
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